Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The first symptom of heart attack

There is no disease but it is not junk without signal or signs. But we can not understand them because of their inexperience. So, I cannot be cautious. As a result, there is a danger in the absence of proper medical care. A heart attack is a similar disease. Many symptoms can be seen before being a heart attack. The problem is complex because it does not give importance to them.

The most common symptoms of men's heart attack are the same for one person. Such as

If you feel very tired, it is a symptom of a heart attack. If you are tired of doing normal work every day after a good sleep, then be aware of the advance. Because the muscles of the heart and the valves are not able to properly supply blood pumps. As a result, blood circulation throughout the body is not normal. So oxygen cannot spread. So feel tired. If this increases, heart attacks, and attacks occur.

2) Muscle tension 
The tension in the vein, back or back, is difficult to walk or China knows. The reason for this kind of tension is that blood circulation in the vein region is not correct. Because of this, the movement of blood in the heart is obstructing. So the body is not reaching the blood everywhere. Also, the result is a heart attack.

3) Snoring
The problem of a nose is funny, but it is not funny at all. The hormone signal is hidden within it. It increases the chance of high blood pressure. They put pressure on the heart. It leads to a heart attack.

4) Chest Pain
The most common and known problem is chest pain. If the chest pain starts in a little stress, the pain spreads gradually towards the hands, neck, head etc., then know that the heart is binding on the heart. The speed of the heart is slowing down. This may take the form of a heart attack. So the heart must be activated. Increases in heart rate.

5) Problems of digestion-
Be aware of the problem of digestion almost every day. The reason is that there is a connection between the vein of the heart with the gyro strontenetic vein vessels. So if there is a problem in the heart then its effect is also in the stomach. As a result, normal work of stomach is hampered. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a physician in this area to keep the heart healthy.